Monday, January 28, 2013

Hellz Yeah

I endorse every word of this post.

The bottom line:
And on it goes, with countless writers, most not long out of college, on the hunt for smelly little heterodoxies, demanding that art be deployed in the service of the people.
This part made me laugh, too, considering how annoyed I get by Alyssa Rosenberg's "smelly little heterodoxies."
Over at ThinkProgress, culture blogger Alyssa Rosenberg celebrates the NBC drama Deception for featuring a black, female lead: “the show operated at the intersection of race and class at a way I thought was fascinating and promising.” But it was “disconcerting” to speak with the show’s creators, Rosenberg wrote, who pooh-poohed suggestions that race was an important element of the show (“it’s not really something we talk about too much in the writers’ room”).
And why would it be?  They're creative writers, concerned with the unique and the interesting.  The last thing they want to do is reach into the bag and pull out some "type."

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