Saturday, January 12, 2013

Bus Blues

Yesterday it took me an hour to get home, and that was before it started snowing.  This morning, it took me two hours, an hour of that spent standing in the cold, toes frozen, iPod battery drained, eager to get moving.  There was no one else with me on the train platform. 

I wandered up to the enclosed pedestrian bridge that crosses I-25.  The glass walls were opaque with ice, not much of a view and it was no warmer than any other spot on this cold, cold morning.

The flaws of this town's mass transit system are in my bones.  It seems to me that if some of the train stations had restrooms, there would be less peeing in the elevators.  If there were some space for vendors, the interminable wait between trains could be made more bearable with a cup of coffee and a newspaper.  They could even sell the tickets.

Cover the platforms and you wouldn't have to hire guys to shovel snow all day.

Here's an idea:  Design the trains so they're level with the platform.  I personally have no problem climbing the four stairs to get on the train, but I'm a healthy young man.  If you're in heels or have a bad knee...good luck.

And no, it doesn't make sense for the trains to drop you off at the station two minutes after the transfer bus leaves.  Two minutes before might work better, but then again...maybe freezing your ass off in abject boredom is the goal.

Call me crazy, but it would be easier to justify spending hundreds of millions of dollars on a light rail system if it was, you know, more useful.  Don't you think?

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