Saturday, January 12, 2013

Broncos! (Live Blog)

Holy shit!  The Broncos have 7 points and Manning hasn't even taken the field!

Oh man, that call was some bullshit.  Shouldn't pass interference only be called on catchable balls?  I think so....

Good play, Flacco.  Enjoy it.  Dum and Gloom is just getting warmed up.

Okay...spoke too soon.  It sure would be nice if Eric "Drop" Decker would catch the ball!  I know it's cold and Ray Lewis is scary, but PLAYOFFS, man.  SUPER BOWL.

Um, did Ray Lewis pay off these refs or what?

Decker catches one.  Shouldn't be impressed, but I am.

Okay, it's official.   These officials are in the bag for Baltimore.

Turn on your mic, ya crooked fucking zebra.

That's it, guys, hang onto that ball.

Six points for Stokely.  That's it, throw it to the old pro.  We have a shootout here, folks.

What, a flag for every play?  We don't need that, man.

Now Decker's making some plays.  Sorry I called you "Drop," Eric.

Touchdown....and a late flag?  Pick that shit up, man.  Six points to Moreno.  Don't be a dick, ref.

Yeah, no flag for a "celebration."   PLAYOFFS, man.

Um...who was Flacco throwing to?  Looked like intentional grounding to me.

Peyton rolls out.  FIRST DOWN!

Going for it on 4th...and FIRST DOWN!

Damn...I gotta give it to Torrie Smith.  That was a good play.  C'mon, Champ!

Half-time show.  JB, Dan, Coach, Shannon, and Boomer.  The only one who doesn't look like shit in HD is Dan.  JB's hair looks totally fake.  Coach's thinning hairline looks really thin.  Shannon didn't shave right today.  Boomer looks like he's been up drinking all night, all puffy eyes and bloat.  Dan's lean and tan.  Gotta be Nutrisystem.

Another one????  Damn, this guy is good.  MVP of this game:  Number 11.  Trindon Holliday.

Now make em punt, Defense.  Let's do this.

More penalties...Jesus H.  C'mon, D!

SNAGGED!  That wasn't the Denver D, though.  That was Flacco.  All Flacco.

Now score again, guys.  Put 'em down 2 scores.

This flag situation is ridiculous.  But we'll take that automatic first down. of the dirtiest players in the NFL.  Thanks, bud.

Wow, Ray Lewis is really earning this last game, isn't he?  Did you see his finger?  Looks broken to me.

Now that was a good play.  Manning rolls out again and hits the TE.  Beautiful.

UGLY turnover....c'mon D!  Pick 6 these guys.

OH NO!  Ray Rice...from Rutgers....Running.  GET 'IM!

I don't like this trading scores thing, man.....there's still more game to play, but I'd feel way better if the Broncos put this thing away.

Oh man, this is getting ugly.  That sack looked like it hurt.

Hillman gets a first down.  This guy has stepped up.  Look at him hold on to the ball.

First down and a 15 yard penalty.  We'll take it.  Way to lead with the helmet, dumbass.

Another flag...what did these dirty birds do this time?  Holding.  Chumps.

One thing I like about Eric Decker.  IF he catches the ball, he WILL fight for those extra yards.

Now there's a score.  7 minutes left.  HOLD EM, D.  Hold em.

4th and 5.  I think this game is over.

DOH!  IN.....COM...PLETE!!

Last 3 minutes of Ray Lewis's career.  Make it purdy.

Hillman is earning his spot this game.  Good job, man.

2 minute warning.  Let's get a first down, guys.  Put this thing to bed.  (Hmmm......bed.  One more hour and I'll have been up for 24 hours.  With no crack!  Gonna sleep good tonight.)

How long will it take to burn this minute and 15 seconds?  Running out of steam here.  This game has been on for almost 4 hours.

Flush him out, and shut em down.

Oh fuck.....Really????  Really?????????  Baltimore ties it.

Looks like we're going to OT.

Taking a knee....No downside to taking a shot downfield.  But maybe I just want this game to be over.  I am awfully tired.

So I nodded off for a bit....and the game ends with a kick??

You gotta be kidding me.

That's it.  I'm going to bed.


KickinAssTakingNames said...

Condolences, my friend. What a superbly entertaining game, though. I'm with you - after all that, ending with a field goal was rather anticlimactic, albeit a 47-yarder.

James said...

Oh well...there's always next year. Now I just hope the Ravens beat the Pats!

KickinAssTakingNames said...

Yes. Go Ravens and go San Fran (I never thought the latter would ever come out of my mouth).

And RIP Stan Musial. I'm about to make a pilgrimage to Busch Stadium. Have to.