Saturday, September 01, 2012

Throne of Thorns

I have to say, Testament really brought it with this new record.  The lyrics are silly metal shit, some songs worse than others, but the music is some of the best thrash in years.  They got Gene "The Atomic Clock" Hoglan playing the drums, and the Skolnick/Petersen guitar attack is clicking like it should in its 4th decade.

This song continues to blow me away.  Don't let the cute intro fool you.  It's heavy.

My favorite part comes in around 2:09 after the little spoken word part. I love the way Chuck Billy growls out "Crimson lust!"

Yeah, I'm a dork, but that's thrash metal at it's finest.

It's My Life

I've seen a lot of shit-talking about this video on the interwebs and yeah, I get it.  Brown people are sooooo funny.  I can admit I found it amusing that the girl's eyebrows are as thick as the guy's mustache.  The awkward turns of phrase?  Hilarious.

Take this line:
"A friend of mine said I'm a waste fellow.
He don't know the taste of this fellow."
First thought is gross.  Your friend shouldn't know how you taste.  And what's a waste fellow?

But then you have to step back a bit, and realize English isn't this guy's first language.  His ear isn't tuned to the same vernacular, and as awkward as it is, I get what he means. And that's all that matters.

And as all the people point and laugh, I bet where ever this guy is playing, there's a bunch of unibrowed Indian women tripping over their shawls to see him.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Things I Dug

1)  Red Tails, the movie about black fighter pilots in WWII.  It wasn't anything ground-breaking or "great" in the critical sense of the word, but I enjoyed it quite a bit.  The cinematography was great, the special effects and sound design superb.  Performances, above average.  Script, had it's moments.

But there was a scene that actually had me so emotionally invested in it that I was near tears.  No, I was crying.  And laughing at myself.

Easy's about the get smoked by the German ace everyone had previously nicknamed Pretty Boy, but Lightning isn't going to let that happen.  He swoops in head-on, tells Easy to get out of the way, and starts blasting every gun at Pretty Boy in a nose-to-nose game of chicken. 

Bam, Pretty Boy explodes and Lighting flies through the fireball.  The music swells.  Lightning's all shot to hell, fatal hits, but he's got enough strength to call out in triumph, "That's the end of Pretty Boy!"

It's pretty fucking awesome.

2)  Testament's new record.  I downloaded it last night and haven't listened to it all the way through, but I like it.  Like Anthrax's last record, it's almost like a return to the glory days of thrash metal but only with modern production techniques.  It sounds great. So maybe they're living in the past, but whatever, man.  That just means it's classic, and classic never goes out of style.

3)  The Miracle at St. Anna, not the movie --which I recently re-watched and has its merits-- but the novel.  I'm almost finished with it, and I've enjoyed it quite a bit.  It's actually pretty funny, and quite eloquent without being unapproachable.  I didn't mean to go on a black soldiers in WWII kick, but that's just how it kind of happened.

4)  The Broncos.  For obviously reasons.  They're the best!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Ghetto Garden

It's long over-due...a rash of Ghetto Garden pics.

The Ghetto Garden has not done so well this year for a few reasons, some of them my fault.  I turned the soil but didn't amend it much, some post-planting manure and compost but that's about it.  I also haven't let any of it lay fallow in years, so the soil is depleted anyway.

And then it was a hot summer.  We had a stretch of 90+ days which I personally loved, but the plants found fussy to deal with, especially on days I didn't water.  The days I did water, I can't say that I didn't overdo it sometimes.  Too much water contributes to the poor soil problem.

And the things left undone!  I have to shore up one of the boxes, fix my gates, lay down a layer of yet-to-be-procured mulch, move some rocks, haul away some junk....  The list is long, my friends.

The Flower Corner

Stunty Lil Beds

This one's stocked...2 pepper plants, 2 tomato plants, swiss chard, squash, and a stunty lil pumpkin.

Compost composting

Peppers and sundries in pots

More peppers in pots.  I love peppers in pots.