Monday, July 23, 2012

A Couple More

The newest addition to my "skull" collection. As you can see, I'm not kidding about the rainy Arizona thing.
Just before hitting Albuquerque, we hit a massive traffic jam.  We were stopped for, literally, hours on a hot New Mexico highway.  People were getting out of their cars and having conversations.  I helped a couple of old ladies over the highway barrier so they could pee.  A passerby said, "Woah, look at those white butts."

Turns out the Fire Chief was killed in the wreck, so it didn't just suck for us.  (Even on vacation, I can't escape from death or what?)

Here's a pic of the scene.
 The Rio Grande Gorge, as scene from the bridge. 

We stayed at a hostel called the Abominable Snowmansion in a small village called Arroyo Seco.  It's just outside the Taos Ski Valley.  It was a pretty cool place, very interesting people, and one awesome organic garden. 

We slept in Tipis.  Ours was in the back.  (Another thing I can cross off my bucket list.)

Headed to the Grand Canyon tomorrow.  Will update more, provided I have electricity, internet access, and a few spare moments.

Greetings From Rainy Arizona

They say it's a dry heat, but it's actually pretty soggy.  Just got into Holbrook, AZ, a town off Highway 40 in eastern Arizona.  We left NM this afternoon after spending the weekend in the Taos area.  No pics at the moment as I seem to have forgotten my card reader (not to mention my weed).

Here's a pic my brother took of me outside a blue door near the St. Francisco of Asis church in Taos.  Yep, I'm wearing my boots and my hat, not to mention my new "western" belt.