Saturday, April 14, 2012


David Frum points out something that shouldn't have to be pointed out:

Ayn Rand wrote fantasy novels, not economic treatises.
My problem with this defense is that Rand was not an economist, but a fiction writer, a fact that is often lost on her admirers. Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead are inspiring to some, but the idea that the economics which those stories portray has any resemblance to reality is ludicrous. Howard Roark's career as an architect in The Fountainhead in written entirely in service to the story's narrative arc and the business tycoons in Atlas Shrugged don't behave like actual businessmen. To put it another way, Hayek and Friedman had to justify their free market positions with math and facts, unlike Rand who used just tautological assertions about what is "rational".
Hence his eminently reasonable question:

So when talking about the economics profession and how best to set up free markets, can Rand's peculiar and fictional views about human nature be left out of the canon?
Sure, I can live with that.

Also, here's reliable Republican stalwart Orin Hatch commenting on a Tea Party-inspired attempt to take him down:
"These people are not conservatives. They're not Republicans," Hatch angrily responds. "They're radical libertarians and I'm doggone offended by it."

Then Hatch, a former boxer, turns combative. "I despise these people, and I'm not the guy you come in and dump on without getting punched in the mouth."
Now obviously Hatch has a dog in this fight, but I do like how he didn't just call them libertarians or radicals, but used both words in conjunction: radical libertarians.

As if there were any other kind...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Great Men of the Mustache

I've been growing a mustache for, I don't know, a month. People have laughed at me. My nephew calls me Johnny Depp and thinks it's some kind of insult. I told my brother I was going to grow it until it covered my top lip.

You know, maybe get a real Earp going.
I got to show it off to everyone on Easter. When my aunt saw it, she said, "You look like that guy on TV..."

Me, cutting her off: "Tom Seleck?"
Honestly, I'm actually shooting more for a Swanson, because I dunno...I love that guy.
But I'm kind of sick of the mustache experiment. So this is what my sad mustache looks like before I shave it off.

Monday, April 09, 2012

The Wild Bunch

Another thing that makes me feel better? Watching The Wild Bunch.
They don't make them like they used to, man...

Changing Up

I've been pretty bummed ever since I came back on the night shift. Here I was, sitting by myself in a dark house at 3 o'clock in the morning on a Wednesday, this really my life? Really?

Yes, dude, yes, I'm afraid it is. And it will never change as long as I wallow in complacence, as long as I just shrug and say, "Well, at least I have a job."

The truth is, I've been thinking about this whole thing the wrong way. What's more difficult? To suffer without hope, or to diligently pursue happiness? I think they're probably both equally hard, but it seems obvious that one is more rewarding than the other. And I can't escape the feeling I picked the wrong one.

So I polished my resume and started sending it out, and with any luck, there will be a major change in my day to day life in the near future.

Just the thought of that makes me feel better.