Thursday, March 08, 2012

Gas Meter Project

Don't ask me why...actually I have an idea...but Xcel Energy is going to be moving my gas meter. And it's apparently a pretty involved process. They're going to have to dig a trench along my house and tear up the street, it looks like.
Now that's an inconvenient trench. They're going to have to dismantle the lame brick walk-way, slice through my poorly-maintained garden bed. (That bed is the reason why I cut down the trees. Can't plant things in the shade of junk trees!)

This is gonna be fun!

Navajo Country

Mountains are sacred all over the world, but for the Navajo they're not just sacred, they form a kind of spiritual boundary around their culture. As long as the Dinetah stay within the four sacred mountains, everything will be alright.

That's a drastic over-simplification, but hey...I'm no expert on Navajo religion. But I do have Google Earth, so I mapped them out. Two of them happen to be in Colorado, Blanca Peak and Mount Hesperus.

Click to embiggen.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

My Take on Birth Control Pills

I've lamented over the years the fact that the right wing in this country are as dishonest as they are mean. The Rush Limbaugh-Sandra Fluke incident pretty much sums it up.

Sandra Fluke was the only woman who spoke in front of a Congressional panel called "Lines Crossed: Separation of Church and State. Has the Obama Administration Trampled on Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Conscience?" Republicans invited 10 men from religious institutions to speak and no women. Democrats said, "Hold up," and invited a woman. She couldn't make it, so they got Fluke.

Now for having dared to speak out against this "religious liberty" nonsense, Rush Limbaugh called her a slut. Yeah, you've seen the news, so you don't need me to summarize it.

But,as this execrable op-ed shows, it's not just Rush. I invite you to peruse a piece called "In Defense of Slut-Shaming." (Note: It was written by a woman.)

Check the first paragraph:
Sandra Fluke, an abortion activist masquerading as a law student, spoke before the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee on a very important issue: the right for college students to have endless amounts of sex while someone else pays for their birth control.
Now if you're like me and you care about the truth, this kind of shit has got to bug you.

Even if you disagree with Fluke, you're an asshole if you deliberately lie about what she was saying. She wasn't arguing for "the right for college students to have endless amounts of sex while someone else pays for their birth control." She was arguing for birth control coverage to be required in insurance plans.

I know, I know...The wingnut stands on his chair to say, "That's having someone else pay." No, it's not. When your insurance company covers your brain transplant, am I paying for it? Nope, you paid for it yourself with your premium.

Of course, this article gets worse:
Abortion, birth control, and promiscuous sex are the cornerstones of the modern feminist movement.
Oh bullshit. You ask me, the "modern feminist movement" (whatever that is) is motivated by a deep resentment of men and a general fear of penisary contact. (Some feminists can't even handle phallic symbols!) And yet, in this formulation, they can't get enough deep dicking? C'mon, man. Who are you trying to fool? Oh, that's right...the same suckers who thought there were WMD in Iraq, the same dupes who want to see the long form birth certificate.

My take on this whole subject is simple: Denying contraception to people who want it isn't a boon to freedom. It's the opposite of freedom. Including birth control pills in an insurance plan doesn't make them "free." Catholic hospitals and pharmacies are not just religious institutions. Filling prescriptions is not a religious activity. "Religious freedom" doesn't mean you get to bring religion into any context you choose. Indeed, religious freedom means there must be certain contexts in which religious institutions have no say. (All the dumbasses freaking out about Shariah law in Oklahoma could tell you that.)

In short, ALL of the arguments you're hearing from Republicans, Rush Limbaugh, and the legion of slut-shaming assholes who parrot their bullshit are weak.

This Is Why Asians Rule the World

The thieves are so clever they almost get away with it.


A) Mitt Romney was hoping you'd be talking about how he clinched the Republican nomination. (He didn't.) Rick Santorum was hoping you'd be talking about he's still in it. (He's not...not really.)

And yet around water coolers across the country, the topic of conversation will be Peyton Manning leaving the Colts. Where's he gonna go? Is he gonna play again?

Super Tuesday, indeed.

B) I got my paws on one of those Martina Cole novels I was musing about after watching The Take. It's amateurish and trashy, but also kind of brilliant in its own way. As she says in the video below, "People either love them or they can't read them. They find them too shocking to read." Well, then, I'll probably love them.

C) Yesterday definitely felt like a Monday. Got woken up by my neighbor's car alarm. Abandoned my purchases at Wal-Mart because the line was too long. (I still need to get milk!) Had to take a miles long detour because of some construction. Got stuck at a non-functioning traffic light that I eventually ran when it wouldn't turn green.

And then, after all this, I had to go to work and coax the know-nothings of America into action. That actually turned out to be the easiest part of the day.

D) Fox canceled Terra Nova and all the nerds cried. They should have saw it coming. I watched the first episode, wasn't hooked, and the specific thought I had was, "Fox is canceling this shit for sure." Fox has this tendency to spend too much money on shows that aren't instant hits, and of course that makes no business sense. Save money, build an audience. F/X does it. Ask them how.

Speaking of saving money and building an audience, I think that's what's been going on with the whole Community going on hiatus thing. I didn't watch the show until it went on hiatus. Then I started hearing about all the Community fans in mourning, and blip-blip, it appeared on my radar. Now I've seen every episode, have the first two seasons on DVD, and am eagerly awaiting their return on March 15th. (I even know the date!) Audience...built.

The saving money part? They have a show with seven principle characters, one of whom is a former movie star. The guy who plays the Dean (Jim Rash) just won an Oscar for writing the Descendants. How do you make sure they don't band together and pull a Friends, start demanding a million bucks per episode a piece?

Put em on hiatus, send them the notice. This cord? It can be cut at any time. Make your show. Just don't spend Terra Nova money and everything will be alright.

Monday, March 05, 2012


You know, when I read stories like this, rather than being terrorized, it makes me think, Man, you really could get away with it for a while...