Thursday, December 13, 2012


By 2050, whatever party is representing white conservatives --whether that continues to be the Republican party, or someone else-- will be pro-gun control. Now I'm not saying pro-gun people in 2012 are racists.

I'm just saying that a pro-gun view is less principled than supporters would have you believe. They would have you believe its based on devotion to Constitutional rights, which...hey, not calling them hard to believe when you read complaints like this one from Mike Rosen, admitted scam artist and confirmed liar:
Sportscaster Bob Costas stirred a national controversy when he violated that sanctuary to comment on the suicide of Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher after he had murdered his girlfriend, Kasandra Perkins. Costas mounted his soap box for a self-indulgent anti-gun lecture during halftime of the game between the Eagles and Cowboys.
It was annoying and inappropriate.
Got it...2nd amendment rights are immutable.  It doesn't matter if you're homicidal, suicidal, or both...don't touch my guns.

Also, don't speak your mind during a football game.  Especially not during the 90 second half-time commentary section of the football game.  Especially not a few days after a highly-publicized murder-suicide.

That Rosen's "Gums control" article appeared a day after YET ANOTHER gun rampage up in Oregon would be --should be-- pure coincidence...

Remember:  Guns don't kill people.  It says so in the Constitution.  People who should not have guns kill people.

We can do nothing about those people.  We are, after all, as stupid as we are useless.  Cold dead hands and all that.

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