Friday, December 14, 2012

Into the Garbage Chute, Flyboy

Guess who wrote this?

Things like this really make me increasingly convinced that it would not just be nice, but important to see a Star Wars movie that’s centered around a woman who is on the same kind of hero’s journey Luke Skywalker took all those years ago.
Now I don't object to a woman protagonist for the next Star Wars movies, but then again...I've always had a thing for Princess Leia, who --besides looking yummy in her slave outfit-- started out in the first film as a spy stealing secret plans and ended the last film as a gun-toting resistance fighter on the front lines of the battle. All this back when Reagan was president...

I guess Leia's hero journey doesn't count, isn't good enough, or is somehow diminished by Luke Skywalker's hero journey.  (Even though, by the story's own timeline, Leia was well on her hero's journey back when Luke Skywalker was a farmboy with big dreams.)

This is what happens when you mistake tokenism for the genuine article.

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