Monday, December 24, 2012

Happier Times

This is a song about a shattered love affair, but take out a few lines and it describes how I feel about my life circa Christmas 2012.

The relevant parts:
Shape that I’m in
Never let her down a day in my life
Tree’s all around me
As I see the time pass me by

Never trade you for the world
Never do the things I used to
I guess it’s not good enough
This I see

But I’ll remember happier times

Life it hits me
Comes faster now day by day
Places that I’ve been
Are not the places I wanna be
(PS.  The above vid is taken from Smokin' Joe's Live from Albert Hall concert, which is an awesome show for many of them being two drummers!)


KickinAssTakingNames said...

Merry Christmas, James. I hope you at least get to enjoy a little time off work. May the new year bring you good things and the change you'd like to see.

James said...

Thanks, darling. No time off work.....but next year, I'm definitely getting a new job.