Friday, December 07, 2012

Hail Nasty Part 2

Driving home this morning, I tuned in to KBPI to hear Willie B choking up about Nasty's departure. He fought it off, but I think he did cry at one point.

He said Nasty/Willie/everyone didn't want anyone to boycott the station, which a lot of Facebook people threatened to do.

He said that 140 other jockeys around the country were fired, too, and it was a business decision.  Business.  Costs are going up, he said.  Electricity's going up like 264%!  (Yeah, he said it, but c'mon...)

The interesting thing, too, is that he said no one at the station knew about it until yesterday morning.  Corporate's been cooking this up for a while, but gotta love em...they spring it on them all secret-squirrel and sudden-like.

After cutting to a long-ass commercial break (don't have those on my iPod!), they played No Shelter by Rage Against the Machine.  It was....appropriate.

The main attraction distraction
Got you number than number than numb.
Empty your pockets son they got you thinkin' that
What you need is what they sellin'
Make you think that buyin' is rebellin'
From the theaters to malls on every shore
The thin line between entertainment and war
The front line is everywhere there'll be no shelter here

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