Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Super Diamond

Saturday night I saw a couple of tribute bands bring down the house at the Ogden Theater, first the U2 tribute Under a Blood Red Sky and then the Neil Diamond tribute Super Diamond. I have to say...there is no shame in being in a tribute band, especially if you bring the thunder.

Pick the right band and your audience will be full of beautiful women. I've been to rock shows full of hairy dudes and their unlucky girlfriends. This was way cooler.

I wasn't as familiar with Neil Diamond's work as I thought I was. My brother said this was my song:

I can see his point, but this one speaks to me more:

I dunno know what it is, but my chair just will not listen.

Funny part of the night, which I wish I would have got on video, was when my brother went down to the front of the stage and had a little moment with Fake Bono.  He just went down to take some pictures and a minute later Fake Bono's singing to him and throwing him high fives...

It was funny.


KickinAssTakingNames said...

That sounds fun. I also love a good tribute band. There is a Queen one out there that is supposed to be awesome. There are some guys in my town, all seasoned musicians, who years ago began doing a Pink Floyd tribute at Xmas. Over a decade later, those guys now sell out 5-6 shows every year at one of our bigger venues. I'm not a huge fan of Floyd, but I finally went a few years ago to see what all the hype was about. They were superb. Better than Pink Floyd, in my opinion! They are now working on a Stones tribute. Can't wait for that one.

katrocket said...

I got yer Neil Diamond song right here, man.

James said...

Kickin', I'd LOVE to see a Queen tribute band that could really pull it off musically. They don't even have to do the schtick. Just play the music.

Kat, nice sentiment, but wow...that song sucks. :)

katrocket said...

I never said it was any good.