Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Some Nights and One Foot

I've really been digging that new record from fun, the short-pants wearing band that doesn't capitalize their name.  Their style of music is not normally my thing, but I like it.  The layered, anthemic vocals are awesome and it sounds good.  I can even appreciate the singer's sometimes oversharing lyrics.  He doesn't just get personal, he gets specific.

The fashion thing...yeah, okay.  I mean, I'm not one to talk.  I only started wearing cowboy boots six months ago.

But the short pants?  The "I will wear my sleeves rolled?"  (Do I dare eat a peach?)  Um, no....

But these, they're good.

There's this one called One Foot.  I had this one echoing in my ears all night.  And I don't mean this to sound pejorative, but I got a very gay vibe off this one.   It's in the second verse, which includes the awesome line:

I will die for my own sins, thanks a lot.

And then there's this one.  Endure the indulgent first few minutes and ponder the Civil War motif.  I did at first.  But then listen to the music.  It's worth it.

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