Friday, November 16, 2012

Nice Try, Mr. Jindal

Bobby Jindal, governor of Louisiana, wrote an op-ed for CNN the other day. Much of it is a breath of fresh air, but some of it is the same old claptrap.

For instance, the good stuff:
2. Compete for every single vote. The 47% and the 53%. And any other combination of numbers that adds up to 100 percent.
Good idea. Should have stopped there, and not said this:
President Barack Obama and the Democrats can continue trying to divide America into groups of warring communities with competing interests, but we will have none of it. We are going after every vote as we try to unite all Americans.
Sorry, Bobby, but it's your guys who have been playing the "divide America" game.

From Sarah Palin's "real Americans" bullshit to Mitt Romney's "47%" myth. Obama has been consistently repeating for years the old canard "We're not blue states and red states, we're the United States."

 If you want to "unite all Americans" drop the finger pointing. Other than that, good start.

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