Saturday, November 24, 2012

From the "No Shit" Department

Saw this headline on Huff Post.  Part of me feels bad that the Walmart strike failed, but the other part of me is thinking, "Well, what'd you expect?"

I'm not going to defend Walmart's business practices, some of which are indefensible and some of which are awesome, but I do think we need to, as a society, recognize there are limits to what standing around holding signs can accomplish.

If it's important to keep order and you're willing to accept glacially slow, gradual change on a generational scale, by all means...hold your signs.  Just know that abortion is still legal, Mumia is still on death row, and the only people willing to give peace a chance are these sign-holding hippies with their good intentions and their activist bullshit.

If you want a sudden, jarring change --like say, a complete revision of Walmart's labor practices-- you gotta bring the pitchforks.

Now I'm not arguing for suicide bombers blowing up Black Friday sales or even roving mobs running through stores smashing merchandise. But if these protesters were harassing shoppers and blocking the doors and slashing tires in the parking lot and throwing rocks at the cops, how many people would be lining up for the cheap TVs at Walmart?

Not many, I'm guessing.

Forget Ghandi.  Forget Martin Luther King.  They were cut down by their enemies, only to come back as ghosts insubstantial as air.  Righteousness didn't save Jesus and he was supposedly a god.

No, remember Brennus the Gaul instead.  He sacked Rome back when it was a Hellenic backwater, and when the Romans complained about their ill treatment, Brennus drew his sword and said "Vae victis."

Woe to the conquered.

The protesters are already familiar with this concept, even if they don't realize they've been conquered.

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