Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fell in Love With A Girl

I fell in love this weekend.

I went to a ranch supply store in Westminster with my brother, niece, and a family friend.  I wanted to look at the Levis, so me and my niece went over to the clothes.  A very attractive employee asked if I needed any help.

I didn't, not really, but like a sitcom character, I decided to pretend to be helpless.  I let her give me a guided tour of the jeans, then we made our way over to the boots.  My niece wanted to try on some "cute shoes," so with the help of this fine store employee, we tried on every boot on the shelf, settling (of course) on the pink ones.

Back to the jeans.  At this point, I had monopolized this girl's time for a good twenty minutes, growing more attracted to her with each passing minute.  The purple feather earrings?  Loved them.  The glasses and slightly crooked teeth?  So endearing.  She had the cutest smile, which came easily at all my jokes.  The way she filled her jeans?  Glorious.

I started to wonder...Does this girl like me?  Is she picking up on the fact like that I like her?  How can I steer this conversation from "How does this whole shrink-to-fit thing work?" to "How would you like to get some dinner?"

Alas, the uncertainty got to me.   I couldn't tell if the girl was giving me a vibe...or just excellent customer service.  (Either way, she was a ten!)   I also suspected that she was young, much too young for this 36 year old.  As it turns out, I did not make a pass at her.

And good call, too.  I looked her up on Facebook when I got home.  (Don't sneer.  That's not creepy.)

She graduated high school last year.  Doh!


KickinAssTakingNames said...

Aw geez. I was all ready to say, "Get yo ass back to that store!" when I read your last few lines. Don't worry, you're match is out there somewhere. That's what I keep telling myself, anyway.

justacoolcat said...

Always love a good love story, especially yours.