Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Paragraphs to Ponder

From a larger, interesting article on human origins and whether the human experience is sustainable:
The Japanese have an expression, hara hachi bu, which means, roughly speaking, “belly 80 percent full.” Hara hachi bu is shorthand for an ancient injunction to stop eating before feeling full. Nutritionally, the command makes a great deal of sense. When people eat, their stomachs produce peptides that signal fullness to the nervous system. Unfortunately, the mechanism is so slow that eaters frequently perceive satiety only after they have consumed too much—hence the all-too-common condition of feeling bloated or sick from overeating. Japan—actually, the Japanese island of Okinawa—is the only place on earth where large numbers of people are known to restrict their own calorie intake systematically and routinely. Some researchers claim that hara hachi bu is responsible for Okinawans’ notoriously long life spans.
Someone needs to tell my stepmom.

Someone other than me.


KickinAssTakingNames said...

If that uncle of yours has anything to do with it, you probably did just tell your stepmom.

James said...

Ha! Uncle Jim is my Mom's brother so I'm reasonably sure he won't rat me out.

Thing step mom should know this. But if she hears it from me, she'll just take it as an attack.

No one must speak the truth about her condition. It hurts her feelings.

That uncle of yours said...

.....that uncle of yours......