Saturday, October 13, 2012

Good News, Bad News

Two surprising things happened today, one good, another not so good.

First the bad....I realized that my schedule is changing on Tuesday.  Back to the night shift.  For who knows how long.  After I got off it in June.  After I've worked two different schedules since then.  This last one, the old Friday through Monday drag, last exactly three and a half weeks. 

My boss complains that it was because Josh got shot.  Bullshit.  The motherfucker was shot in July.  That is no cause to put me on a short shift in October, then move me back to nights.

I've had it with the bullshit schedule.  I'm in the same spot I was last year, pining for a new job but not doing anything about it until I get my bonus.

At this point, I'm one bad day away from being unemployed.

And now the good news....

Going through my mail, there was a parcel from my bank.  It looked like a check, but I suspected it was one of those "open a new account with this check" marketing ploys.  Or a "transfer your credit card balances with these vouchers" kind of thing.

But no.

It was an actual check, big as a paycheck.

There's no explanation, just the check and a voucher for PIF AUTO DISB.  I don't speak bankese, but from what I can tell its a disbursement from refinancing my mortgage.  I certainly wasn't expecting any disbursement, and part of me is worried about it.  Is this money mine?

Or will I get a bill from my insurance company or from Uncle Sam about unpaid taxes and insurance?


KickinAssTakingNames said...

I don't speak "bankese" either, but in my experience there is no such thing as free money. I would ask around to any accountant friends/acquaintances you have to see if they have a clue if it's something you might owe taxes on. Chances are you probably will. It's the American way!

Anonymous said...

Brush up that resume and blast it all over the universe. You know you are good enough and DESERVE a better job. Seriously... BE THE CHANGE, James. MAKE it happen.