Saturday, September 29, 2012


House:  Refinanced. 

My payment dropped about three hundred bucks --cheaper than an apartment-- but I'm going to pay the same amount, basically tripling the extra principal I'm paying each month.  Those motherfuckers just made a deal with the devil.  I'm going to cheat them out of so much interest...


In my newly refinanced, rearranged house I watched a movie called Albert Nobbs last night that's been staying with me.  I can't say it's a very good movie, and I would only recommend it to certain people, but I have to respect its command of character and clever writing.  Glenn Close plays Albert Nobbs, a transgender butler in Victorian era England.  It's...not a happy story.

Nobbs is a very sad man, dare I say, a deluded man.  Oh, not because he's a woman passing as a man.  That's just who he is.  He has a dream to open a cigar shop with his savings, but he falls for a somewhat trashy maid, thinking he can make a proper wife out of her.  That, not his secret, proves to be his downfall.

For the arts set only.

Road Rage

I got some push back on the Road Rage video.  My Uncle Jim said I threw a pussy fit, whatever that is.  My Mom said she thought the guy didn't do anything that terribly awful.

I can't say they are wrong.  I can't say that my pussy fit was justified or that I'm the world's most awesome driving.  I can say that I am looking forward to the day when driverless cars solve this problem.

For me, and the roads who must endure the daily abuse of countless idiots who deserve not only to get bitched out but beaten.

Okay, I don't mean that.


I don't have a cable package so I miss a lot of football.  But no more.  I signed up for NFL Rewind.  It was $39.99 when I got it...$69.99 now (WTF?) but I have access to archives of all the games this year.  Not live access, but here I am on Saturday watching the Thursday night game I missed.  Not a bad deal.

As to the refs, I am glad the regulars are back.  I hope they got some of the concessions they wanted.  I mean, I don't really care.  I wasn't going to join the lynch mob for the replacement officials, even though they did screw up a lot of calls. Some of them will be back as regular officials soon enough, I suspect.

There's a guy with a speech impediment who calls the games for the NFL network.  I don't want to be mean, but since I don't know his name, I have referred to him as "the guy with the speech impediment" at work and the guys look at me like I'm crazy.

Listen to him.  The guy has a damn speech impediment, you know, what's his face...

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