Saturday, September 01, 2012

It's My Life

I've seen a lot of shit-talking about this video on the interwebs and yeah, I get it.  Brown people are sooooo funny.  I can admit I found it amusing that the girl's eyebrows are as thick as the guy's mustache.  The awkward turns of phrase?  Hilarious.

Take this line:
"A friend of mine said I'm a waste fellow.
He don't know the taste of this fellow."
First thought is gross.  Your friend shouldn't know how you taste.  And what's a waste fellow?

But then you have to step back a bit, and realize English isn't this guy's first language.  His ear isn't tuned to the same vernacular, and as awkward as it is, I get what he means. And that's all that matters.

And as all the people point and laugh, I bet where ever this guy is playing, there's a bunch of unibrowed Indian women tripping over their shawls to see him.

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