Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Posting the "After" photo reminded me of a couple projects I did earlier this summer, all involving a technique called decoupage.  (Which I thought was pronounced "Dee-coop-idge" but is actually pronounced "Deh-koh-pahj.")  It's French for "covering shit with paper."

I had a unique slab table that had seen better days, so I fixed the wobbly legs, sanded down the top, used an old Far Side page-a-day calendar from 1993 (!) and I made the world's only Far Side table.
I think it turned out pretty well...
Then I made the world's only Far Side lightswitch cover.
And then refinished some shelves in bookprint.
And that's when I spotted this rough, but structurally solid, bookshelf at the thrift store for fifteen bucks  
Turned that into bookprint too.

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