Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I rearranged the furniture in my house yesterday.  Moved my desk, all the chair, the couch, the TV, some bookcases.  It seems like I had everything stuffed into one awkwardly shaped room, so I spread it out more.  First I had to fix the blind situation.

This is how it looked before.

One big honking slab of aluminum strips, most of them half-bent and caked with grime.  The tilt wand broke off long ago, so I never rotated them open.  Raising this unwieldy thing required armstrength and patience.  I never could get them to go lower than this, leaving a perpetual gap at the bottom.  Perfect for plants or sunbathing kitties, but not much for privacy.

This is how it looks now.
Instead of one rail, I broke it up into three, corresponding with the divisions in the window.  I got a warmer color with larger slats, not wood because I think my swamp cooler would warp them, but not aluminum either.  I goofed on the measurement (not too badly) but it is an improvement.  Add new curtains, and it's like I have a new room to use.

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