Sunday, September 02, 2012

Aftermath of a Crime

It's been so weird having the neighborhood in the news in the aftermath of the theater shooting.  Here I am reading an article in the New York Times and they have photos of some local landmarks.

Nick's Liquors, a dump of a place that doesn't even have cigarettes.
On many days, Mr. Holmes could be seen cruising home slowly down 17th Avenue on his BMX bicycle toward the red-brick apartment building where he lived on the third floor, his body arched casually, his gangling frame almost too big for the small bike, a Subway sandwich bag dangling from the handlebars. 

Waiters and sales clerks recognized him. He washed his clothes at a nearby laundry, took his car for servicing at the Grease Monkey, bought sunglasses at the Mex Mall and stopped in at a pawnshop on East Colfax Avenue, perusing the electronics and other goods for sale. 

He favored a Mexican food truck in the mornings, buying three chicken and beef tacos but refusing sauce, and at night he sometimes dropped by Shepes’s Rincon, a Latin club near his apartment, where he sat at the bar and drank three or four beers, a security guard there said. But he spoke no Spanish, and other than placing his order talked to no one.
I'm pretty sure I know which food truck they're talking about.

Reading bout the Mex Mall in the New York Times.....what a weird world.

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