Sunday, August 19, 2012

Yellow and Green

This month's Emusic selection was Baroness's new record, which --lucky for this fan-- is a double album.  Sticking with the color theme of their previous two records, half of this one is "Yellow" and the other half is "Green." 

While I've listened to the whole thing, I haven't listened to it enough to give you the full breakdown, but there are a few songs that blew me away, particularly the instrumentals.  The production is a little bit different than on their previous records.  The songs are mellower, the vocals more polished, but it's not a radical departure.

And I don't know if it's supposed to be a concept record or not, but I did notice a few running themes.  Some of the songs seem to be about a guy --a friend of the band's?-- who became a junkie and eventually committed suicide by jumping into the ocean.  Again, just a guess, but here's a verse from a song called "March to the Sea:"
And what you did next was second-to-none
You really let us down
You tied yourself up 
And jumped in the sea
Never to come home
 Then later, in a song called "Sea Lungs," there's this part, told from the Ocean's point of view, I guess:
Why so sad?
Your tears are no match for mine
I am eternal sea
And you are a drowning man
 Your tears are no match for mine, said the sea to the drowning man.  Now this kind of thing, especially accompanied by guitar rock, may not be your thing.  But at least it ain't no "Call Me Maybe."

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