Monday, August 27, 2012

Ghetto Garden

It's long over-due...a rash of Ghetto Garden pics.

The Ghetto Garden has not done so well this year for a few reasons, some of them my fault.  I turned the soil but didn't amend it much, some post-planting manure and compost but that's about it.  I also haven't let any of it lay fallow in years, so the soil is depleted anyway.

And then it was a hot summer.  We had a stretch of 90+ days which I personally loved, but the plants found fussy to deal with, especially on days I didn't water.  The days I did water, I can't say that I didn't overdo it sometimes.  Too much water contributes to the poor soil problem.

And the things left undone!  I have to shore up one of the boxes, fix my gates, lay down a layer of yet-to-be-procured mulch, move some rocks, haul away some junk....  The list is long, my friends.

The Flower Corner

Stunty Lil Beds

This one's stocked...2 pepper plants, 2 tomato plants, swiss chard, squash, and a stunty lil pumpkin.

Compost composting

Peppers and sundries in pots

More peppers in pots.  I love peppers in pots.


KickinAssTakingNames said...

Lookin good! Especially to a person who has survived the hottest, driest summer in her lifetime! Nothing but brown where I live. Haven't seen one garden like yours this summer. We didn't have to cut our lawns for weeks here-just stopped growing.

katrocket said...

I think it all looks really fantastic, especially with the conditions you described. Tell me, what is that flower in the seventh photo -- the big pink one with the wee yellow stars in the center? It's amazing!

James said...

KATN, at least out here it's a "dry heat." is hell on my water bill.

Kat, those ones, and the ones behind, and the ones in the subsequent photo, are all zinnias. Easy to grow annual, comes in many different shapes and sizes.

I didn't think too much of them until I had a pot of them growing on some rocks one year. The next, I had zinnias growing in the rocks. They'd make a nice addition to the sky-garden. They come tall, they come small. Check it out.

katrocket said...

thanks for the info -- I've heard of zinnias but never took a close-up look at them before. Looks like I'll be planting some next year!