Monday, July 16, 2012

Wherein I Become an Unpaid Campaign Shill

The other day, the Obama campaign released this ad, which will probably someday make it in the top ten on someone's "most effective political ads" list.
It's undoubtedly negative, as it slams Obama's opponent rather than trumpets his own credentials, but it's damn effective. No voiceover guiding you to a conclusion. Just Romney's awkward singing, vocal effects, imagery, and claims. Oh, the claims.

The claims are the clincher.  How can Mitt Romney respond?  Deny he did it or go into the complex explanation of how getting laid off and losing your pension makes it easier to buy Chinese shit at Wal-Mart.   But this is actually their response

This is just startlingly inept.

The audio, unlike the Romney ad, is completely complimentary. Not only does Obama demonstrate some singing chops, but the crowd is enthusiastically embracing him. In the Romney video, not only was the crowd noise removed, the track was manipulated to sound like Romney was singing in empty rooms.

And the point? That Obama loves his donors? I guess we can't elect him then.

Weak sauce from a weak candidate.

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