Friday, July 20, 2012

The Nightmare

You heard the news.  A psycho shot up a theater.  A dozen people died, scores are wounded.  The suspect's apartment is still rigged with booby traps.  Here's how it affected me:

The theater -  I have an annual pass, so that's my go-to theater.  If I were to see a brand new movie, I'd see it there.

The suspect's apartment - Is literally 5 blocks from my house.  I'm on 17th and Macon.  He's on 17th and Peoria.  I can stand on the corner and see the police presence the rest of the world is seeing on CNN.

The shooting - One of my co-workers didn't show up for work this morning.  After thinking maybe he slept through his alarm, we got a call from his girlfriend.  He got shot in the arm, got some shrapnel in the legs, and is currently in hospital recovering.

Consequently we were a man down and I was slammed pretty much all day.  I wanted to blog about it and follow the developments in real time, but duty called.

Just know I'm alive, in one piece, and even if the dude's apartment blows up....unless it's a nuke, I'll just hear it.


katrocket said...

Wow. There are no words... except "glad you're okay".

KickinAssTakingNames said...

What Katrocket said.

chelene said...

I thought of you right after I heard about the shooting. Glad you're okay.

James said...

As Ray Winstone said in Sexy Beast, "Fanks for finking of me." Seriously, though, I got out of town and have been basically off the grid the last two days, so I've been out of my normal news junkie/morbid interest kick. It's been good.

Checking into the hostel the other day, the guy looked at my idea. "Aurora? Woah."

Yeah, then I tell the whole "five blocks from my house/co-worker got shot" story. It's just crazy.

Chel, it is so good to hear from you. Seeing your comment made me smile, just because it's been so LONG, girl. Hope everything is good. Keep in touch.

SeanH said...

Holy shit. That is my honest reaction.

I hope your coworker makes a quick recovery.

Ran into a friend that lives in Manitou Springs. She had to evacuate her house at one point. Her quote was "Year two in Colorado is proving to be interesting"