Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ranchos De Taos Plaza

One of the more interesting things I saw in Taos this time around was the Ranchos De Taos Plaza, which we pulled into on a whim.  It was almost like walking into another country, another time.  The church itself was begun in 1772, but finished decades later.  It's old, and unlike so much of the new stuff, it's made of real adobe.  They have to replaster everything yearly, and from the looks of it, they never fail.
It was closed so we couldn't go inside, but you can tell it's a beautiful church.  The perfectly smooth walls, the generous tended gardens, the old Mission style.  Truth be told, it's the churches of New Mexico that has kind of softened a streak of almost evangelical atheism I used to have.  I've come to accept not the faith, but it's existence, that I can appreciate the art and the architecture, the literature and the music, without accepting any of it as True in any real sense.

Even if I must endure some of religion's more ridiculous aspects...such as this cheesy memorial, complete with fetus!

The square surrounding the church was nearly as interesting.  There's of course the house with a blue door, which is still beautiful even, unlike the church, it's faux-dobe.
Then there was this old fixer-upper.  The roof collapsed and the windows were broken out long ago, but I bet this building has been standing for at least a hundred years, maybe even more.
The other ruins were just as ruinous, and maybe even a little more.
The crazy thing is that two doors down is a lovingly tended home with a gift shop in the front room.  And then old ghost town ruins Kit Carson used to ride by, back when he was hunting down Navajos.

Speaking of Kit Carson, here's a pic of his grave.  They turned the old graveyard into a park.

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