Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Who Gives a Shit?

Enough with the memoirs. Shortly after I got my Kindle Fire, I saw an ebook from a guy I used to work with on Amazon. At first I was jealous. This dude's book showed up in the top results of the search, had reviews, and was apparently selling pretty well. Meanwhile, I can't seem to find the time and energy to bring anything to final draft form. And clearly...I'm better.

But then I realized that this dude's book was his memoir, a self-published memoir, no less. And worse, it's a "how I became sober" memoir. That took away some of the sting.

Any idiot can write a memoir and upload it to Amazon, but unless you want to write only memoirs, you can only do that trick once. What are you going to do? Publish a second memoir?

If your name is Anthony Swofford, yes. Swofford wrote Jarhead, a memoir of his time in the Marine Corps. It was even turned into a movie.

And he's such an interesting dude that he's given us a sequel filled with "brutally honest stories about his family, random sex, hard drinking and his difficult relationship with his father, as he tries to cope with life and post-traumatic stress."

What, no mention of his Texas-sized ego? Two memoirs by the age of 41, the second one about banal subjects like sex, booze, and daddy issues. (As if no one's ever mined those subjects before...) Who do you think you are, the most interesting man in the world? Forrest fucking Gump?

There are way more interesting people telling way more interesting stories.

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