Sunday, June 03, 2012

Twice as Useless

When Mike Rosen isn't helping to defraud listeners of his radio show, he's stinking up the pages of the Denver Post with birther nonsense.  Backing up birther Mike Coffman, Rosen writes:
In fact, Coffman separated himself from "birther" activists who express certainty that Obama wasn't born in the U.S. On that matter, Coffman said, "I don't know." Neither do I. I'm not certain Obama's birth certificate is a fraud, but I'm suspicious.
Let me see if I can put this delicately.  

Then you're a fucking idiot, Mike.

At this late date, this is not a matter of "I don't know." You cannot appeal to ignorance anymore. It's right there in the official records, records deemed valid by any authority who ever viewed them.  These people know; they just cannot accept.

It's bad enough to scam your audience.  But to deliberately choose to be stupid?  That tells you all you need to know...

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