Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Sexism by Any Other Name

Maybe I'm too sensitive, but nothing brings out my inner misogynist than nonsense like this:
The other week, Esquire magazine announced a new editorial imperative -- to run "Men's Fiction." We thought they already did this -- in fact, we thought they were a MEN'S MAGAZINE -- but apparently, that's just not enough. Men's Fiction is "plot-driven and exciting," they explained, as opposed to other fiction which is... well, you can fill in the blank.
Oh, get off it, lady.  It's just marketing.  Fiction has always been categorized, usually poorly and by people who proclaim their preference is better than yours.  Those people should be ignored.

Read what you want.

The post linked above has comments.  This is the best:
So hilarious. Of course if it mocked women's fiction, it would be sexist. 
Absolutely goddamn right. There is a fine line between feminism and sexism.

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