Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I Heart Mindy

I'm looking forward to Mindy Kaling's new show from Fox.  I have this weird thing for brown girls with black hair (I love em!) plus the show looks hilarious.

I didn't realize she had written a book, a humor book, not a memoir.  (Maybe it's a memoir....but hey, I'd say Mindy Kaling's experiences are a little more unique than yet another tale of yet another sober addict.) 

This part flat out cracked me up:
However, you should know I disagree with a lot of traditional advice.  For instance, they say the best revenge is living well.  I say it's acid in the face --who will love them now?

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KickinAssTakingNames said...

I am also looking forward to this. I find her hilarious and although The Office has gone downhill, Kelly Kapoor always delivers a good line or two to make it worthwhile.

Since you like brown girls with brown hair, I assume you are familiar with Parminder Nagra? She's gorgeous, and with an accent to boot.