Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Helsinki Syndrome*

I hate to say it, but part of me hopes Mitt Romney wins the presidential election.  It's not because I prefer his policies over the incumbents.  It's because I'm sick of the excuses and the finger-pointing and the hostage-taking.

I want to say, "Here, you got what you wanted.  You'll get your tax breaks and giveaways.  You'll get your union-busting and deregulation.  Once again, you'll have someone in office looking out for only you.  Now quit your bitching and go create some new jobs."

Of course, I know that's not going to happen.  The jobs will continue to be shipped off to the third world.  Proft-making will continue to be the primary motivation.  The 1%'s wealth will continue to grow while the 99% will continue to stagnate.  And the truth is that they don't have to do anything nefarious to keep it like that.

On a level playing field, they will kick your ass.  They can outspend you, outmaneuver you, and outlast you. Work as hard you want --there's merit in that-- but don't labor under any illusions that hard work will set you free.

No, having enough money to hire someone to do your work for you will set you free.  Just ask your boss.

So good luck, Mitt.  Hope you do well.  Hope you accomplish what you want to accomplish.  Hope the economy recovers and some new jobs are created.  I want one.

*  This is a joke from Die Hard.  As in Helsinki, Sweden.

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