Thursday, June 21, 2012

Guess What I Got?

Food poisoning.

These guys did it to me, which is weird because it's no buck-a-scoop Chinese place.  Never going there again...

Haven't been able to keep anything down since Wednesday morning, not even water.  I don't want to get dehydrated so I've been sipping Pedialyte.  Sometimes I don't puke it back up.

Yesterday was a nightmare.  I thought I'd tough it out and go to work.  I had to pull over halfway through my commute to empty my angry stomach, puking on the highway, cars whipping by at 65.  What a dumbass.  Once I got in, I was sweating and looking like shit.  I sat down, told everyone what was up, then had to go throw up again.

We're shorthanded ( we have been during this whole recession) so some guys stayed late and phone calls were made to get other guys to come in and cover.  What a joke.  I went home, having to stop halfway to puke again.

I think I'm going to scratch today off too.  I still feel like shit.

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laydegray said...

Have you recovered? Call your momma when you feel better.