Friday, June 08, 2012

Goin Down Now

Reading about how Obama didn't make a blow-job joke, this scene from Four Brothers came to mind. Of course, my favorite part is the "You're goin down now!" But watching it again, there's a lot to love.
I love how the guy sics his dogs on a guy with a gun, then has the temerity to say "Yo, don't shoot my dogs, man," as if he hasn't thought this one all the way through.

 I love how he says, "Bite his ass," as he's climbing out the window.

 I love how Tyrese blinds Marky Mark with the fire extinguisher.

 I love how the guy is actually rappelling down the side of the building. This guy thought of everything! (Doh! Except for that meat cleaver.)

And finally, I love how Marky Mark says "He ain't dead. He's just fucked up." Hilarious.

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