Sunday, June 03, 2012

Doug Bruce - Out of Jail

Doug Bruce,which Wikipedia calls "a convicted felon,[9] conservative activist and former legislator in the U.S. state of Colorado," is out of jail.  Surprisingly, he didn't like it too much.

This cracks me up, though:

Bruce complained that inmates were overcharged for phone usage — 50 cents a minute — and food in the commissary was five times market prices.

He survived by drinking low-fat milk and oranges because the food, which he helped serve when he first worked in the kitchen, was inedible. As a testament that the food was bad, jailers refused to eat the same food and were given a different menu. He said they only had to pay $15 a month for the meals.

He said the new, state-of-the-art jail's plumbing and heating was defective and would generate multiple code violations if the jail was inspected. The temperature in the gym was only 55 degrees, he said.

Bruce said the basketball gym he exercised in by doing 100 laps a day, was only a third the size of a normal gym.
Doug, you're a Republican. A small government, no-new-taxes kind of Republican, no less. This is the kind of jail you and your party have been working towards: dehumanizing, usurious, abusive, inadequate. This is the place you want to send all the pot smokers and illegal Mexicans. I guess it's easier to dish it out than take it.

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