Saturday, June 09, 2012

A Bag-Free Future

Canadians...they're so sensible. This infographic imagines the horrible world of plastic bag bans and it's hilarious! It goes from the most paranoid Libertarian claptrap to roughly where I'm at on the subject. First the Libertarian:
"Oh, it starts with plastic bags, believe you me. Then they'll take your cars, your beer, your machine guns, etc. Next thing you know you can be arrested for simply fantasizing about plastic bags or looking them up on weird plastic-bag fetish websites. They will take your freedom, friend. Big Brother uses cloth bags only."
I mean, I guess we'll have to carry reusable bags. Or stores will have paper bags or whatever. So, yeah.
(You gotta read that with a Ricky voice.)

Come to think of it, why haven't we gone to the plastic bag standard? The amount of gold mined by humans throughout history couldn't fill an Olympic swimming pool. But plastic bags are 1% of California's waste stream...

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katrocket said...

It's hilarious that Toronto's bag ban happened by accident. Our idiot mayor, who doesn't have the vision or support to resolve actual municipal issues, decided to create his own problem to solve. He insisted upon eliminating the mandatory 5C plastic bag fee imposed a couple years ago -- a fee that no one took exception to. "Give us free bags, you lefty commies!", he demanded...and then a few councilors -- his own allies no less -- stood up and moved to ban plastic bags altogether, since our citizens are using cloth bags now. Just because the mayor wants to live in a 1950s eco-wasteland, doesn't mean it's a good idea to erase progress. Sounds like most Torontonians are pretty happy about it, and other Ontario cities may be following suit. And the idiot mayor? Well, he publicly called his constituents 'ridiculous' and said it's our fault this happened. I'm quite happy to take credit for this, Knob Ford. :)