Thursday, May 10, 2012

Radley Balko is Mostly Useless Part III

On the president's endorsement of gay marriage, he writes:
I’m sorry, but I’m not really seeing the bravery or heroism, here. It’s important, sure. And it’s historic. And it might prove to be an effective use of the bully pulpit.

 It’s also about f*cking time.
Translation: It's important and historic, but it's late so let me whine about it. So we get six paragraphs of mincing about federalism and how awful it is that the government grants benefits to married couples, all of it culminating in this nonsense:
Insert boilerplate libertarian disclaimer about how government shouldn’t be in the business of sanctioning relationships in the first place.
That's cute and everything, and I can see how you'd reach that conclusion if you take libertarianism to its absurd conclusion, but in a liberal society, the government does what the people wants it to do, and people want marriages to be legally recognized.

I think Balko knows this is a losing argument, which is why he harps on the federalism stuff. This, though, this is overstating things just a bit:
This is a president half-assing it while still keeping plenty of political cover, and on an issue in which he could have effected real change had he had the courage of his convictions years ago.
As leadership goes, it’s little more than acknowledging the direction the wind is blowing. It hardly merits a new chapter for Profiles in Courage.
"Acknowledging the direction the wind is blowing." Huh.

 This the day after NC bans gay marriage and civil unions completely and my own state, Colorado, dumps the civil unions bill. The wind is blowing, yes, but not in one direction. A better cliche would be "the battle is still raging." And here comes the fucking cavalry, the President of the United States, riding his gilded unicorn, spreading rainbows of hope and starbursts of  change to all non-haters.

To quote Joe Biden, that's a big fucking deal.

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