Sunday, May 20, 2012

A History of the Ancient Southwest

I'm debating whether I should buy this book or not.  I really want to read it --considering that it's written by Stephen Lekson and provides a "narrative" historical account of the ancient southwest-- but it's over $30.  I'm sure it's worth every penny, but I do think that's a bit steep for a single book. 

Knock ten dollars off the price and I'd still have to think about it, but not as hard. Yes, I'm a cheap bastard, but books should not be over $30 unless they come with something else, a T-shirt or a DVD or something.  I can appreciate the work Lekson put into the book and recognize the publisher's need to recoup costs after publishing a big academic book with little to no mass appeal, but at prices like this, they're pretty much guaranteeing that the only people reading this book are people with Pell grants.

The used prices are even more ridiculous.  New from Amazon, the book costs $31.54.  Seller "any_book" from Florida will sell you their two copies, one for $85.45 and the other at the "discounted" price of $80.53.  I'd like to believe these are pristine signed copies printed in gold-leaf on vellum paper, but alas...I suspect they're just trying to rip off some college kids.

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