Saturday, May 05, 2012

Good News and Bad News

And unfortunately the "good" news isn't that good and the "bad" news is quite bad.

First, the good:

The Nuggets beat the Lakers tonight, making it a 2-1 series and forgoing the possibility of a sweep. 

And now the bad:

Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys, aka MCA, has died.  He's been sick with cancer for years, and I didn't think prospects were good when I heard he was fighting it with some ultra-Buddhist macrobiotic diet or something.  When he didn't show at the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame for the Beasties' induction, I figured he was in bad shape so I can't say I'm surprised that he's now dead.  Just sad.

It was over ten years ago now, but I saw the Beastie Boys play at McNichols Arena (Denver's pre-Pepsi Center arena) with A Tribe Called Quest.  It was MCA's birthday and Q-Tip and the other Beasties chased him around stage trying to slam a birthday cake in his face.  Good times.

(Junior Seau died, too, and while also tragic, I just can't mourn him appropriately.  Interesting player, dynamic dude....but he played for the Chargers.  Which is almost as bad as playing for the Raiders --not quite, but almost.  Screw the Raiders and the Chargers.)

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