Friday, May 25, 2012

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Operator of hydroponic store behind marijuana growing ring.

Also, water is wet and shit rolls downhill. Now here's Tom with the weather.

 The sad thing about this story is that my first instinct was to call this guy an idiot for playing out the stereotype.  Of course the hydro guy is growing weed.  If he was just growing tomatoes, that would be weird.  And of course the Feds are going to go after him.  He's industrial level, a kind of grow operation multiplier, and he's making money.  The Feds are very interested in money.

But then I thought about it.  I have no personal beef with marijuana or the people who grow it.  I actually lean more on the "they're doing a public service" side of the equation and while I don't idolize the mad scientist growers of the world, I do value their work.

I also think the Feds are wrong on this issue.  Prohibition and enforcement create more problems than smoking dope.  Is this guy stupid for using his hydro store as a front, or is it the whole Drug War that's stupid?

If this guy is stupid, it's only because he refused to play the game.

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