Sunday, April 15, 2012

The World's Tiniest Violin

Plays for George Zimmerman, confessed killer of Trayvon Martin. Here's his lawyer, playing for sympathy:
"I think he's stressed. He's certainly nervous," O'Mara said of Zimmerman. "He is frustrated he was charged at all."
Awww, poor widdle Georgie. So stressed and nervous and frustrated.

Meanwhile, Trayvon Martin is dead.

Oh, I know, I was self-defense when he chased down an innocent kid and shot him to death. You know, couldn't stay in the car. Couldn't wait for the cops.

George Zimmerman is just another idiot doing stupid shit with a gun, who is then surprised to find himself in a life-threatening situation. Shocker.

May that prick live in jail and rot in hell.

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