Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Radley Balko Is Mostly Useless

Radley Balko is a pretty prominent libertarian blogger who does good work when it comes to police misconduct. But he's still a libertarian, and libertarians are mostly weasels.

Here he is writing about the Trayvon Martin case:
None of this is to say Zimmerman didn’t commit a crime. I still really have no idea. But what’s happened in the last couple weeks doesn’t feel like justice.
Total endorsement on the "doesn't feel like justice" part, but the "I still really have no idea" bullshit?

Of course, Balko spends most of his time criticizing the media and the prosecutor, and even lefty commentators, while completely missing the reason why this doesn't feel like justice.

Is it because some lefty said something dumb on CNN or because NBC didn't play the whole 911 tape? Or is it because a confessed killer was kicked loose without charges?

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