Monday, April 30, 2012

Mike Rosen Can't Be Trusted

Mike Rosen shouldn't have any credibility after getting sucked into that Ponzi scheme he advertised to listeners of his radio show, but the Denver Post is still publishing him.

Here he is diagnosing the state's education ills. Problem is, he's like a cutrate exorcist rather than a credentialed medical doc.

 Let me just quote him:
Now, it's unfortunate that there's not enough money in the public till to pay these government workers what they were expecting, but why give them the day off?

When private-sector workers whose employers come up short on revenues have to take pay cuts, they don't get extra days off. If you're self-employed and business is slow, not only won't you take the day off, you'll work longer to make up for the revenue loss. If we regard the services of government workers as essential — whether they're teachers or the folks who man the counters at the Department of Motor Vehicles — why should the public be denied those services? Sorry about the pay cut, but they should still show up for work.
Let that soak in for a minute.

Mike Rosen wants people who aren't getting paid to show up for work. Not because he would do it, but because teacher's should. (He even has the rote right-wing response to what ails the education system: teacher's unions!)

And why the big budget shortfall? An inability to raise revenue with some decidedly stupid spending priorities, you know, like giving free land and millions of dollars to Cabela's or Gaylord Entertainment.

I guess the good news is that it doesn't require much education to change sheets or stock shelves.

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