Sunday, March 18, 2012


1) So my brother calls me last week, says "Hey, you want to go to the Nuggets game on Saturday?" I think my exact words were, "Fuck yeah!" And it's against the Celtics? My team versus a team of legends? YES!

I think it was a day later that Nene got traded...

Sad to see him go, but after watching the game on Saturday, I think we'll be alright. Kenneth Faried is one hell of a player and Gallinari stepped up. Final score? 98-91. Nuggets.

2) There's a lot of Celtics fans in this town...and they should all be ashamed of themselves.

3) The food at the Pepsi Center is disgusting! $4 for some mashed up, over-cooked fries. $4.75 for some stale corn chips and fake cheese sauce (and no jalopenos!) that they call nachos. $5 for a small Pepsi. My niece got a hot dog that was seriously the saddest looking hot dog I've ever seen. The popcorn? Too salty to even throw at people.

This on top of the $180 they wanted for the ticket? Pro sports is definitely one of those industries engaging in rip-offism as opposed to its more legitimate cousin, capitalism.

4) A new Prometheus trailer is out, a new Prometheus trailer is out. I'll see anything the Scott brothers (Ridley or Tony) make, but the last few years I've found their films less interesting than usual. Prometheus is having the opposite effect. This one I'm actually looking forward to.

It's not an Alien prequel per se, and it does hint at that "Ancient Aliens" nonsense, but it looks pretty damn good too. The best use of the "Ancient Aliens" hypothesis, I think, is as a sci-fi high concept. As a possible scientific question to certain unanswered questions? Yeah, it's hogwash.

Someday, they'll make a trailer without that Inception-like BWOM...

I mean, I thought it was awesome --still think it's awesome-- but it is getting a little ridiculous, no?

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