Thursday, March 15, 2012

Occupy Uranus

I'm on record as stating that though I share the Occupy people's concerns, I think their methods are crap. I also kind of thought these protests fizzled out last year, but they're still going? ( real surprise there, considering holding signs and yelling at people accomplishes exactly...nothing.)

In this video, I sympathize with the reporter. He's live on TV doing a story that has nothing to do the Occupy protests, but they see the lights and the camera and think "free publicity!" Of course, one of the signs says "Fuck the Police," which --hey, I'm all for fucking the police-- but you really think your "Fuck the Police" sign is going to stay on the air very long?

After they ruin his shot and they're packing up, the main instigator cries, "Woo, yeah! We're making change!" Bullshit. You're making enemies.

If you wanted to make change, get a retail job.

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