Wednesday, March 07, 2012

My Take on Birth Control Pills

I've lamented over the years the fact that the right wing in this country are as dishonest as they are mean. The Rush Limbaugh-Sandra Fluke incident pretty much sums it up.

Sandra Fluke was the only woman who spoke in front of a Congressional panel called "Lines Crossed: Separation of Church and State. Has the Obama Administration Trampled on Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Conscience?" Republicans invited 10 men from religious institutions to speak and no women. Democrats said, "Hold up," and invited a woman. She couldn't make it, so they got Fluke.

Now for having dared to speak out against this "religious liberty" nonsense, Rush Limbaugh called her a slut. Yeah, you've seen the news, so you don't need me to summarize it.

But,as this execrable op-ed shows, it's not just Rush. I invite you to peruse a piece called "In Defense of Slut-Shaming." (Note: It was written by a woman.)

Check the first paragraph:
Sandra Fluke, an abortion activist masquerading as a law student, spoke before the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee on a very important issue: the right for college students to have endless amounts of sex while someone else pays for their birth control.
Now if you're like me and you care about the truth, this kind of shit has got to bug you.

Even if you disagree with Fluke, you're an asshole if you deliberately lie about what she was saying. She wasn't arguing for "the right for college students to have endless amounts of sex while someone else pays for their birth control." She was arguing for birth control coverage to be required in insurance plans.

I know, I know...The wingnut stands on his chair to say, "That's having someone else pay." No, it's not. When your insurance company covers your brain transplant, am I paying for it? Nope, you paid for it yourself with your premium.

Of course, this article gets worse:
Abortion, birth control, and promiscuous sex are the cornerstones of the modern feminist movement.
Oh bullshit. You ask me, the "modern feminist movement" (whatever that is) is motivated by a deep resentment of men and a general fear of penisary contact. (Some feminists can't even handle phallic symbols!) And yet, in this formulation, they can't get enough deep dicking? C'mon, man. Who are you trying to fool? Oh, that's right...the same suckers who thought there were WMD in Iraq, the same dupes who want to see the long form birth certificate.

My take on this whole subject is simple: Denying contraception to people who want it isn't a boon to freedom. It's the opposite of freedom. Including birth control pills in an insurance plan doesn't make them "free." Catholic hospitals and pharmacies are not just religious institutions. Filling prescriptions is not a religious activity. "Religious freedom" doesn't mean you get to bring religion into any context you choose. Indeed, religious freedom means there must be certain contexts in which religious institutions have no say. (All the dumbasses freaking out about Shariah law in Oklahoma could tell you that.)

In short, ALL of the arguments you're hearing from Republicans, Rush Limbaugh, and the legion of slut-shaming assholes who parrot their bullshit are weak.

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KickinAssTakingNames said...

I couldn't agree with you more on this entire post. My beef, put simply, has always been this: how is it that demanding coverage of birth control is infringing upon religious rights, yet taking away (or never having offered) birth control coverage because of religious stance is not?

If we're talking religious rights here, then the option should be there for all, and the individual can choose to partake or not based on their OWN beliefs. THAT is religious freedom. No one is forcing anyone to take birth control here. Not to mention that there are many who take it for a number of medical reasons, not specifically for birth control. And you are absolutely right, filling prescriptions is not a religious activity. Well said.

With all the yap about separation of church and state, we still can't seem to actually achieve that in this country. Everyone likes to say that's how it should be, when in reality there are too many who seem to go out of their way to keep that from happening.