Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Band of Holes

So I was looking at stuff making fun of this guy:
And I came across something about the Band of Holes down in the Pisco Valley in Peru. It's a line of holes that someone dug sometime in our past that go up a mountain for nearly a mile. They don't look like much from the ground, a bunch of holes, but from the air they form a neat, almost geometric, line.

Of course, it's weird and unexplained and old and no one knows why they're there or what they were for, so...the aliens did it.

I just got done looking at them on Google Earth (here are the coordinates: -13.7153806°, -075.8745722°) and it really is an interesting enigma. The holes follow the contours of the land and high up on the mountain, a little to the east, you can see evidence of terraces or some kind of structures. I look at this and think, wow, a pretty big group of people used to live there. The curiosity is almost insatiable. Who were they? What did they believe? How did they live their lives? Where did they go? Who did they become?

A Google search is no help, though. It's all ancient alien bullshit, new age energy nonsense.

There's even a Youtube video of an American guy who went down there and is standing in one of the holes, speculating about their alien origins. It's like, dude, you're standing right there. Take a damn sample. Get yourself a little tool, scrape a little into a vial, take it to the lab. I'm not even a trained scientist and I know how helpful that kind of thing would be. Are there any foreign soils? Any traces of metal or non-local rock? Plant matter? Jesus, man, look for answers.

I know science isn't glamorous. They learned a lot about the Anasazi by counting tree rings and digging through packrat shit. (True story: Packrats live in middens of their own shit, which eventually fossilize. Studying the contents, you can form a picture of the packrat's environment way back when. Want to know what plants were growing in a certain area five hundred years ago? Find a five hundred year old midden. It'll tell ya.) Get on your hands and knees and dig.

Or listen to the guy with the goofy hair and the bad tan who can't pronounce his words correctly.


SeanH said...

Why anyone would listen to ANYTHING that joker has to say baffles me. Come on, LOOK AT THE GUY!

James said...

I dunno. I'd consult him on hair products, maybe...but that's about it.