Sunday, February 05, 2012

Winning the Culture Wars

Madonna just performed "Like a Prayer" on the Super Bowl halftime show.

A little over 20 years ago, that song was so controversial that MTV wouldn't even touch it, and yet...she's singing it on the Super Bowl halftime show.

Updated: Or not...

M.I.A. flashed a middle finger apparently (didn't see it), which prompted NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy to fart out the following:
The obscene gesture in the performance was completely inappropriate, very disappointing, and we apologize to our fans.
You should be apologizing to the fans for the joke that you have made of the half-time show. Every year they try and top themselves with some dazzling musical performance by yesterday's superstars and I suspect most football fans would be content with a season recap from Chris Berman. Is Chris Berman going to flip the bird or flash his tit? Probably not.

Truth is, the halftime show is all about buzz. You wouldn't talk about Chris Berman recapping NFL 2011 the next morning. I wouldn't blog about it. "Did you see the middle finger?" That's what they want. It isn't?

Then why do it this way?


katrocket said...

But isn't the dreaded half-time show usually targeted to WAGs anyways? (Wives And Girlfriends). If they really wanted to entertain football fans, wouldn't they have strippers dancing to Aerosmith? Wait, has that already been done?

I'm basing my observations on today's office behavior: All the women won't shut up about Madonna and Friends, but all the men missed it entirely because they went out to the garage to smoke a joint at half-time.

KickinAssTakingNames said...

I actually thought this was one of the better halftime shows in years. She was a bit upstaged by...the stage...but overall I thought it was an entertaining performance. Am I the only one who noticed how much she seems to have slowed down? She pulled off a strenuous routine, but her dance skills are nowhere near what they used to be. I can't blame her high heels, because she's been performing in them for years.

I realize that's way too much analysis of a Madonna halftime, but what can I say? I'm a product of the 80's and I still love her. Even though she's no longer cool and quirky, and is now a self-absorbed fake Brit with a cat face.

James said...


Which just goes to prove...Wives and girlfriends ruin everything. (Kidding!)

Or maybe it just goes to prove that halftime is for jay smoking instead of lip syncing.

KATN, I thought she was upstaged by M.I.A. but then again, I have a little thing for M.I.A. In fact, if I knew M.I.A. was going to be part of the show, I would have watched a little closer.