Friday, February 10, 2012

The Take

Currently playing on Netflix is a British mini-series starring Tom Hardy called The Take. Tom Hardy is a badass, so of course I watched it. It's based on a novel by Martina Cole and concerns a pair of drug kingpins, cousins, as they come up in the underworld and, later, into conflict. It's well-acted and cinematic, of course, but what interested me in the end was the melodramatic aspects of the story itself.

It's Shakespearean almost, a tragedy in the classic sense. Nearly every character meets a grim end and the ones who survive pay the cost with their soul. There's lies, murder, theft, rape, illegitimate children, dead illegitimate children, you name it. It all unfolds in shades of gray, with nothing resembling moral fortitude anywhere in sight.

I wonder if these elements are in the novel...and so I keep an eye peeled for Martina Cole books. Cause you never know, might be worth a read.

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